Digitiphony 2 Media Edits

Digitiphony 2 is an Electro-Orchestral Symphony in 4 parts, now available as 68 custom production music edits.

Feel free to browse and play the tracks by scrolling down this page. Or choose using The Musegrid

Each of the four movements below has its own player. Scroll through the edits using the bar on the right of the players, or just play the first and let it run through all the edits of that movement. Make sure to pause each player if you want to play another movement before it has finished or you will get cacophony :(  For a full quality(16 bit wav, 44.1 Khz) version, sync license included, please click on the 'buy' button to the right of each edit. Prices vary from $9.99 to $19.99, depending on length, synchronisation license included. Please keep your receipt, as this is your sync license. Then you are all set to go, just make sure you enter any timings together with the work title (Digitiphony 2 or Second Digitiphony) and the composer's name (Michael Lisle Dunn) on the cue sheets for your production. That's it ! Easy..

Digitiphony 3 is now complete. I am currently working on the media edits for that, I should be finished by August 2013.

Students may be elible for a discount. Please contact me on the email address below.

If you require further assistance please email licenses@mldunn.net

First Movement

(Mid-Tempo, medium emotional intensity)

27 edits

Second Movement

(Slow, high emotional intensity)

12 edits

  Digitiphony 2 Media Edits - 1st Movement by m l dunn   Digitiphony 2 Media Edits - 2nd Movement by m l dunn

Third Movement

(Leftfield, quirky, humoresque)

11 edits

Fourth Movement

(Forceful, Fast and Furious, Choirs)

 18 edits

  Digitiphony 2 Media Edits - 3rd Movement by m l dunn   Digitiphony 2 Media Edits - 4th Movement by m l dunn